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Buying New Tires in NW Atlanta

Some tire shops carry "a wide range of new tires" but at Alpha & Omega Automotive we carry exactly the right tire that fits your car or truck in a style that fits your style. No more confusion. No standing around staring at a wall of new tire options. Our tire specialists will help you select the right set of new tires every time. As one of the top-rated new tire shops in NW Atlanta, our tires are on more cars and trucks than any other tire shop in NW Atlanta.

Learn More About Tires:

All Terrain Tires
All-Terrain tires are renowned for their exceptional longevity, providing durable performance across various road conditions. Their robust construction and specialized tread patterns contribute to superior traction, ensuring reliable grip on both paved surfaces and challenging off-road terrains. Read More

All-Season Tires
All-season tires are crafted for optimal comfort and handling during highway drives, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride. Their versatile design extends to reliable traction in wet conditions, making them well-suited for navigating rain-soaked roads. Read More

Low Profile Tires
These tires excel in warm and wet weather with outstanding handling and cornering performance, attributed to their wide treads and lower sidewall height. While perfect for fair climates, it's important to avoid using them in cold winter conditions, where their design may compromise traction. Read More

Mud Tires
Primarily intended for off-road adventures, mud tires boast aggressive tread patterns designed to excel in challenging terrain, including mud, rocks, sand, dirt, and deep snow.Read More

Performance Tires
These tires feature soft rubber compounds and rigid sidewalls, providing exceptional traction and performance. It's advisable to avoid using them in colder climates.Read More

Snow Tires
Winter tires are expertly engineered to excel in icy and snowy conditions, ensuring superior traction when temperatures dip below 45 degrees. Their specialized design and tread patterns maximize grip, providing drivers with confidence and safety during cold weathers. Read More

Touring Tires
Touring tires are designed to deliver both a comfortable ride and more responsive handling than traditional all-season tires. Read More

Additional Tire Thread Information

New Tires With Symmetric Tread Pattern - Great For The Family Car

If getting your kids safely to soccer practice then our featured all season new tires will provide you stable handling with symmetrical tread patterns that offer great traction in wet, and dry conditions. A great touring tire is perfect for a comfortable, smooth cruising experience. If sudden harsh conditions are also a concern talk to our tire specialist about all-season new tires that offer more refined handling, higher traction, and more performance features.

Asymmetric Tread - For High-Performance Cars

New Tires offering an asymmetric tread offer the safest high-performance driving experience during the summer months. These new tires are built for control on hot dry asphalt or in unexpected wet conditions. Responsive handling and more stopping power on wet asphalt make asymmetric tread tires the choice for ultra-high performance drivers.

Consider New Kevlar Tires For Off-Road Fun in NW Atlanta

Our best new off-road tires feature Kevlar that helps resist punctures when aggressively taking on mud, rocks and rugged terrain. Get more "bang for your buck" with new tires that offer smooth on-road and highway driving as well as tough off-road strength. On or off-road these new high-performance tires feature superior traction through rain, baking heat or freezing conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

But Don't New Tires Cost More?

A set of new tires may cost more on the day they are installed. But when you factor in Alpha & Omega Automotive promotions or manufacturer rebates, the cost of a set of new tires is only a little more than buying used tires. Plus, you can't beat the unmatched confidence and safety of new tires! The cost of new tires also includes the manufacturer's warranty. In most cases, the warranty covers you in the case of premature tread wear.

Can New Tires Save Money On Fuel Costs?

Your new tires may cost less than you think if you choose a fuel-saving tire. Many tire manufacturers are designing new tires that will pay you back at the pump. Discuss this option with our tire specialists if you commute a long distance to work or just like to travel. Fuel-saving tires still offer confident traction in rainy weather and a smooth ride around town. Some manufacturers boast that fuel-saving tires can save 2,600 miles worth of gas over the life of a set of tires.

How Long Do New Tires Last?

On average new tires last about 3 to 4 years. If treadwear is a concern try a rugged off or on-road terrain tire. Many off or on-road tires are built to offer a smooth ride when cruising but become a long-lasting workhorse when hauling or towing.


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Always take my vehicles to Alpha for all of my service needs. Accurate diagnosis and high quality work. I trust them. , 02/12/2024

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